Shopper Beware: What to Expect When You Walk In…

November 6, 2005 • Magazine

Shopper Beware: What to Expect When You Walk In…

Shopper Beware: What to Expect When You Walk In…

Mon, 2005-11-07 00:00

by Joanne Molina

With the fall season at its peak and the holidays just a catalog away, it’s important for shoppers to know their rights. Unless Donatella has you on speed-dial, a brave face will be painted on and off you’ll go, hunting and gathering for that exceptional ensemble. Nevertheless, the anxiety, fear, joy and elation of dealing with salespeople can make even the most seasoned shopper feel like she needs meds for bipolar disorder. But it’s a new age. When PJ shopping at 3am is just as much a possibility as hitting Michigan Ave or Wicker Park, shopaholics have the right to demand a high level of service, because we know we have options. Successful shop owners have learned from spa owners that an Ãœber-luxe shopping experience keeps us coming back. So, shoppers, stand tall, be proud and don’t be afraid to expect the very best.

Hold the Sauce:
The secret ingredient to a great shopping experience is feeling like a goddess. Never expect to be treated with any less attention than any another customer— whether you’re purchasing a $13,000 bag or a $30 keychain. If a salesperson is complaining about another customer or you feel the least bit of attitude, turn around and walk away—it’s completely unprofessional. Expect a ‘thank you’ just for taking the time to step inside.

Super Size Me:
Salespeople should bring you one size above and below your “normalâ€? size. As we know, different designers are cut differently, and we shouldn’t feel like trying on a dress is a form of punishment. When the fitting starts, expect honesty from a salesperson – not cheap flattery for a quick sale.

The Point of No Return:
Expect the salesperson to tell you what the return policy is for every purchase and to circle it on the receipt as well. If there is no notification, then you shouldn’t be held responsible. After all, do shops want us scrutinizing the receipt for that $600 shoe splurge over and over?

Wrap City:
One of the best parts of shopping is having your package wrapped in pretty tissue paper and then placed delicately into a chic bag. On a good day, it actually rivals your Birkin. The best shops will wrap a purchase free of charge and make sure that it’s handled like the Queen’s jewels.

Show me the $$:
Expect to be directed and accompanied to new merchandise, but also to sale merchandise. You ought to be exposed to everything, not just the latest and most expensive lines.

Finally, if you expect a high level of service and attention then the most civilized and courteous thing to do is show the same respect to every employee you encounter. Ask, don’t demand, and no bogus returns.

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