The Daring Young Starlet

January 15, 2006 • Magazine

The Daring Young Starlet

The Daring Young Starlet

Mon, 2006-01-16 00:00

by Ann John

Unlike many young Hollywood starlets content to let Rachel Zoe create their looks, veteran actress Chloe Sevigny has never been one to vie for best-dressed lists whose members often times tend to look identical in safe, camera friendly choices. In fact, if there’s one word you would use to characterize Chloe, please don’t let it be “safeâ€?. Appearing in music videos as a teenager, she shot to fame in the controversial 1995 movie “Kidsâ€?, where she portrayed a teenager who learns that she’s HIV positive. From there, she appeared in a string of mostly indie films, garnering an Oscar nomination in 1999 for her work in the critically acclaimed “Boys Don’t Cryâ€?. Never one to shy away from roles that get people talking, in fact, if there’s one word you would use to characterize Chloe, please don’t let it be “safeâ€?. Chloe sparked news a few years ago for Vincent Gallo’s “The Brown Bunnyâ€?, particularly for one scene in which she performs oral sex on Gallo’s character.

When it comes to style, Chloe displays an experimental flare that can equally be very good or very bad. Her off-beat and sometimes quirky fashion sense was noticed even before she gained renown for her acting, when she was featured in a “New Yorkerâ€? article on Hip Manhattan Street culture, which in turn led to an eventual modeling career. She blends thrift and vintage store finds with high-end designers, creating signature looks that don’t bend to trends. She’ll pair a loose flowing white dress with mid thigh ankle boots. She’ll wear a body hugging dress, but will add a little extra to it by donning flowers in her hair. While the rest of us may not tuck a Grecian style sleeveless blouse into waist high Capri pants, we can count on her to do just that. At the same time, she has proved to be a veritable force on the red carpet, displaying a distinctive yet elegant look that has caught many a critic’s eye. In the words of Balenciaga designer Nicholas Ghesquiere, “Whether she wears designer clothes or vintage clothes, they always look like Chloe Sevigny clothesâ€?.

Surprisingly, Chloe does not look too favorably on her status as a style icon. “For some reason the public has embraced me as a fashion icon, and I feel like it has diminished me as an actress, or I don’t get as much recognition as an actressâ€?, complained the star, “and that upsets meâ€?. She even goes on to say that “Every time I see a photo of myself from the past month I think, ‘What was I thinking?’â€? Her choices as well as her look are effortlessly and constantly changing, and in part for this reason, it’s difficult to imitate her style let alone pin it down. Chloe is a welcome change from those celebrities who listen to their stylists or look at what everyone else is wearing, and it is clear that this still young actress is still evolving in her tastes and fashion sense. Whether you like her style or hate it, one thing you can never call it is boring.

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