Shop Cops: Women in Black

February 12, 2006 • Magazine

Shop Cops: Women in Black

Sun, 2006-02-12 20:00

It’s the all black, all the time channel. Countless women in Chicago dressed in head-to-toe black. Isn’t winter in Chicago dark enough? Why all the black? And don’t say because it matches or that you are in mourning. Unless you work at Neiman Marcus, it’s tired and depressing and frankly, a little lazy. I had the hardest time seeing these women as they just blended in with the dark sky. Don’t be afraid of a little color…even if it’s just a scarf or a handbag.

Disclaimer: This section is not for the humorless. It is not meant to be offensive. Please take it in the manner for which it is intended or express your democratic freedom by not looking.
Bosom Buddies:
Black pants, black shoes, black coat, black handbag. Good thing one friend isn’t upstaging the other.
Casual Black: Jeans don’t count as color. With all black it is still rather uncreative and uninspiring. Her boyfriend is even bored, so he made a phone call.
Black Makes You Look Thin
Now that is a misnomer. Especially if one of the garments is a parka.
Noir Even if the quality of your clothes are superior, all black is still uninteresting. Don’t be fooled by labels. Shake it up!
Shoppin’ in Black Wearin’ Black Notice how the platinum hair really pops against the black leather jacket? What are the chances that the garment in her Marshall Field’s bag is black? I’d guess, pretty good.
You’re Getting Very Sleepy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… whoops… sorry.
How Refreshing
I’m awake. Finally someone wearing some color! Thank you for brightening up our streets.
Standing on the Corner
They’re multiplying! We have about 10 more corner shots that look exactly like this. Have any of these women picked up a fashion magazine in the past six months? Clearly they have not found Second City Style…yet.
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