A Shoe is Just a Shoe, Is Just a Shoe…

April 14, 2006 • Magazine

Fri, 2006-04-14 10:00

Not all shoes are created equally. Generally, I think most knockoffs are just well, …cheap. However, once in awhile you see something that is too good to pass up. Especially if it is a trend that you think may expire quickly that you want to try, but don’t want to seriously commit to.

Take for example the triple threat of the Kors by Michael Kors Newton Wedge. At $188.95 at Zappos, it really isn’t that badly priced as far as great shoes go. Then you have The Steve Madden Cristan version which is hardly distinguishable at Zappos for $83.95. This is getting better right? Now here comes Target in a moment of brilliance with their even better priced Mossimo Delia version for $24.95. For a shoe this trendy, yet fabulous, my money is on the Mossimo’s…so I can spend the rest on another pair of higher priced shoes that are not everywhere…I covet.

A Shoe is Just a Shoe, Is Just a Shoe…
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