A Short Story

April 23, 2006 • Magazine

A Short Story

A Short Story

Sun, 2006-04-23 18:00

Jacqueline Zenn

As you probably already know, shorts of all kinds are one of the biggest trends for spring. However, they are also one of the more difficult styles to wear — most women shy away from shorts, but it is possible to find nicely cut shorts that are appropriate (for more than the gym). Bermudas, or knee length shorts are one of the most popular styles — leave the daisy dukes to Jessica Simpson.

Denim: A great way to ease into the style, denim Bermudas are a great casual look this spring. The shorts should be done in a clean, dark wash and hit just above the knee for the most flattering look. Denim Bermudas look great with just about everything you would wear jeans with. These deep blue Bermudas are by Vince, and available at Bluefly.com.

Tailored: Although the concept of “tailored shorts� seems like an oxymoron, a fitted pair of Bermudas worn with a matching jacket can be a great casual Friday alternative to the suit. You want the jacket to be nipped in at the waist or cropped for the right proportion, and keep your accessories classic and sleek — a fitted button-down and a pair of pumps are perfect. Get this outfit by Cynthia Steffe at Neiman Marcus.

Shoes: When it comes to pairing shoes with shorts, go high and sturdy. Stilettos can look a little trashy, and flats will do absolutely nothing for your legs. Wedges or chunky platforms work well shorts of all kinds — knee-length shorts can visually shorten the line of your leg, so wear some serious shoes to counteract this effect. These Fornarina wedges ($49) available at Yoox.com are perfect for shorts.

Tops: As previously mentioned, a fitted or cropped jacket pairs quite nicely with Bermudas. A simple tee or cardigan also works — use the same rules as you would with longer pants. Wide, loose shorts require a more fitted top, while tighter or tailored shorts should be worn with an equally structured or flowing top. This Catherine Maladrino look is available at Neiman Marcus.

Shorts are not impossible to wear, nor are they only for teenagers. Just keep the look simple and clean (with a look this trendy, too many accessories are simply too much), and remember one thing: your heels can never be too high.

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