More 7th In Chicago Designers

April 24, 2006 • Magazine

More 7th In Chicago Designers

More 7th In Chicago Designers

Sun, 2006-04-23 20:00

Live Life Love Denim

Live the Life U Love. That is the mantra stamped onto every gold notion on a pair of Live Denim premium jeans designed by Karl Kani. Live Life Love has become the brand of luxury and top notch quality. With Karl’s infallible attention to detail, he has taken “a pair of jeansâ€? to its next level and bringing opulence back to the forefront where it belongs.

With a fulltime chemist on board at the Live Life Love denim washhouse, Karl can focus on fresh and innovative ways of treating denim. This premium brand has a cut and fit for everyone.

Vintage inspired T’s are also part of the Live Life Love brand. With exotic graphics as the signature Buddha and Indian Goddesss, each T is crafted from silicone-washed and ring-spun cotton giving it that paper-thin feel of the 70’s.

The Live collection can be found in such notable boutiques such as Fred Segal and Lisa Kline in L.A., Atrium in N.Y., E Street in Chicago and Nordstrom’s nationwide.

Live celeb clients include, Jessica Simpson, Teri Hatcher, Tara Reid, Mary J Blige, and Jessica Biel to name a few.

in the Now

“It was all my Mom’s fault! When I was two she opened up the closet!â€? – Marija Saric

Born in Blegrade, Yugoslavia, Marija Saric studied Costume and Fashion design at the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade. She moved to NYC in 2003 and sold her one-of-a-kind custom clothes and costume jewelry under her own name. At the same time, she was taking on freelance designing and styling projects for various fashion houses, magazines and advertising campaigns.

Today Marija is the designer of in the Now. She draws inspiration from her travels throughout Europe, Africa and the US and blends them with modern touches and costume design. Motivated by her background in theater, you will notice her clothes have exaggerated shapes and a high degree of construction.

Marija’s sense of style is reflected in her designs-effortless, but cool and put together. She describes the in the Now woman as feminine, sophisticated, modern and confident.

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