All I Need is a Tutu…

May 5, 2006 • Magazine

Fri, 2006-05-05 14:00

…and apparently a magic wand to find a decent pair of ballerina flats in this city! Last weekend, while in New York City I witnessed a fantastic trend on the streets of Manhattan…long skinny jeans with ballerina flats. It took a few days to sink in, otherwise I would have picked up a black pair in New York. Little did I know finding some would be like finding a needle in a haystack in Chicago. Clearly this trend will hit our city streets…next year!

I have pounded the pavement to find a shoe that dawned on me Monday, I could use desperately for 7th in Chicago. I am sure to be on my feet all day. So, I have been to many a shoe store and have come up empty handed. The closest thing I found (that was left in my size) was a shoe at Lori’s. I would have snapped it up in a New York minute…had they not rubbed. I could feel a blister coming while I was admiring them in the mirror.

I’m sure you are thinking…look online. Trust me I have. Zappos is out of every one I like in my common 8.5 size. Bluefly and some other specialty sites have them, but they are more than I wanted to spend. Looks like I might have to suck it up. “7th in Chicago” is next Saturday!

Delman “Wren” Flat $147 at Bluefly.

Gucci Ballet Flat $340 at Bluefly.

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