In love with a dress – When shopping gets serious

May 21, 2006 • Magazine

In love with a dress - When shopping gets serious

In love with a dress - When shopping gets serious

Sun, 2006-05-21 22:00

Andra Naylor

I stalked a dress recently. It was bad.

I first caught sight of my obsession at Bloomingdale’s while browsing for something to wear to a friend’s wedding. It wasn’t love at first sight – I circled the BCBGs several times, cast longing looks at the Marcs and Veras and tried on a Diane. But everything looked like every dress I already owned. I needed to step out of my strapless, A-line comfort zone and into something more sophisticated. And then I saw it. A black stretch satin Nicole Miller slip dress.

I tried it on and was in puppy love. Then I looked at the price tag. Let’s just say the price was not right. With my head hanging low, I returned the dress to the rack.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So the next day I embarked on a Googling mission to find the dress elsewhere. I found it on in a matte material for half the price. But it wasn’t the same. I searched Ebay,, and Eventually, I gave in to my desire and returned to Bloomingdale’s only to discover they had sold out of my size. Then ensued desperate phone calls to Bloomies around the nation. I was giving up hope.

Finally, a ray of light appeared when I called my friend who works in a retail buying office. I remembered that she had a contact in the Nicole Miller showroom. I inquired. She called New York. A showroom rep called her back. They had my size. Not only was it my size, it was the last of that style in the entire country. I fell to my knees.

The dress arrived and is perfect. I believe in karma so I would like to share my good fortune with you. Here is a selection of beautiful, covetable and definitely stalk-able dresses.

Orange is one of my favorite colors. If you want to stand out consider Milly’s halter dress in tangerine. Tortoiseshell straps, zigzag cotton pattern. $280 at

Another great Milly for a summer wedding: belted strapless tulip dress, on sale for $186 at

I love Vena Cava’s edge pieces. For a unique look: Dictionary print dress for $350 at Hejfina in Chicago.

You can always count on Diane von Furstenburg for a feminine and fun cocktail dress. She says “to feel like a woman – wear a dress!â€? Dandelion dress in flamingo: $265.00 at

Perfect for a brunch wedding: channel Charlotte a la Sex and the City in Kay Unger’s striped dress. Available at for $337.

Bridal shower? Graduation party? Whatever the occasion, Banana’s exotic-inspired belted shift dress makes the cut. $148 at

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