“How Not to Look Fat” by Danica Lo

May 24, 2006 • Magazine

Wed, 2006-05-24 14:00

This book is a must read whether you’re a size 6 or 16. Have you ever thought that your existing wardrobe isn’t doing anything for your figure? Who hasn’t had a “fatâ€? day (or five)?

A former plus-size model, Danica Lo’s popular series of “How Not to Look Fat” columns appeared in the New York Post. Irreverent and honest, How Not to Look Fat offers cutting-edge tips on maximizing your slimming potential, from banishing back fat and finding flattering gym clothes to getting the right haircut and smelling thinner (yes, there’s a scientifically proven way). With tips from fashion insiders and advice on what works best, How Not to Look Fat encourages women to have fun with their wardrobes and makeup, to enjoy their figures, and not to take dieting (and life) too seriously.

One Amazon reviewer wrote: “I’ve tried diet after diet, but nothing works! That’s what was so fresh and fun about this book by Danica Lo. She doesn’t try to preach to you about losing weight; she tells you how to work with what you’ve got and choose the look that works best for you and your body. Her advice is smart and direct and honest; I laughed out loud and felt like I knew Danica Lo when I was reading it! I bought this book last week and have read it three times since — I haven’t read such good, solid advice in a looong time! Buy this book!â€?


"How Not to Look Fat" by Danica Lo
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