Beach Bargain Alert!

June 2, 2006 • Magazine

Fri, 2006-06-02 15:00

The start of every summer begins the same way…what do I have to wear to the beach? Mind you, I only go a handful of times as I now eschew direct sunlight, but I swear this stressful exercise remains unchanged year after year. Are we all in agreement that finding swimwear is about as enjoyable as your yearly OBGYN appointment?

Well yesterday I found the solution to make it a little less painful. Stylish and cheap swimwear! For some reason a bargain helps take the sting out. I have paid an arm and a leg for bikinis before and they all look the same. Black. So I thought, if you can find a bargain…have a little fun with the color and style.

I checked Target’s collection upon recommendation by a friend who swears by them, but honestly…I hate useless embellishments. There was not one that interested me and if it did, it had some rhinestone butterfly or other such nonsense hidden somewhere (like on the rear).

I was on Michigan Ave. and wondered into H & M (a store I adore in moderation). There was an entire wall of bikini options! I loved that you could mix and match to create your perfect set. Not only that, they had different styles in the same patterns! So if you are larger chested and can’t wear a tri-angle bikini top, there was a bra top version or you could opt for teensy bottoms or boy shorts. I was giddy.

Walking out with my entire bikini for $25 ($12.50 for the top and $9.00 for the bottom), I was skipping down the street! Not only that, I loved my purchase. So get yourself to H & M before you hit the beach this weekend. At those prices they will be picked over quickly.

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Beach Bargain Alert!
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