Lingerie Advice: Feel Sexy Not Silly!

June 3, 2006 • Magazine

Lingerie Advice: Feel Sexy Not Silly!

Lingerie Advice: Feel Sexy Not Silly!

Sat, 2006-06-03 22:00

Lingerie Advice: Feel Sexy Not Silly!

Dear Ms. Bean,

I love the idea of lingerie but feel ridiculous in the traditional bustier and garter get-up. Any suggestions?

Almost a Femme Fatale

Ma Cherie,

Let me adjust my marabou slippers for this one… Of course you can be ravishing without looking like you work for Heidi Fleiss! Here are some ideas:

1. Play with proportion. You can pair a thong with a camisole, while a more covered bottom requires a skimpy top. I love the Desirables combo from Felina, available online at

2. Unless you’re a lumberjack, go with lace – the most feminine fabric. Hanky Panky creates lacy outfits that are smart, easy, and sublimely comfortable. Underthings has a splendid selection of this brand.

3. Matchy-matchy actually works in lingerie world, so splurge on a set. Isabella Fine Lingerie carries exclusive (but still affordable!) lines, like Huit and Honeydew, that are playful, luxurious, and created for all shapes and sizes.

4. If you can’t bring yourself to any of the above suggestions, you can always go with a tissue-thin tank top and some zany boyshorts from Kara Janx. Very fun! And very sexy! Available at

Whatever you decide, keep in mind that lingerie is meant to be on you or on the floor, not tucked away in a drawer. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Wear it and see what happens!

For store addresses and phone numbers, click on Shop Chicago on our homepage.

Desirables camisole from Felina

Desirables low-rise thong from Felina

Rose Garden bra and boyshort from Hanky Panky

Fishnet camisole and hipster G-string from Honeydew

Love Me string from Huit

Cotton boyshort panties from Kara Janx If you would like to submit a question, please send your email to:
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