So Bad… It’s Good!

June 3, 2006 • Magazine

So Bad... It's Good!

So Bad... It's Good!

Sat, 2006-06-03 21:00

Carol Calacci

Did you ever buy something to wear mainly because it was a bit off-beat, weird, or kitschy? Maybe it caught your eye for some unexplained reason, or actually made you laugh… out loud? Then you bought something that I like to categorize as “so bad… it’s good!”

As one who is known to splurge on these types of apparel items from time to time, I prepare myself for everything from strange looks, a forced “I like that,” to an honest, “what is it that you’re wearing?” Some people might not see what you see at all and on another hand you may become immediate friends with someone who totally “gets it”. Oh that reminds me… “I don’t get it” is another comment I frequently receive.

Whatever happened to “having your own personal style”? As fun or crazy or trashy it may be, I say go for it! If you like something for whatever aesthetic, nostalgic, or humorous reason… then wear it! I would not suggest that you wear something so bad it’s good every day (you will spoil the surprise) nor all at once! That would be so bad, it’s bad. A frightening eye opener, but my “so bad they’re good” items actually seem to go together. Could my style be considered to be… Italian Western Disco Mod Pimp?

1. Roberto Cavalli Boots (SCS Editor-in-Chief has a visceral reaction to these, but they are comfortable!)

2. Gold Age of Aquarius Pendant …Baby I’m a Leo

3. Golden Nugget Men’s Watch, Value City

4. Love that Country Music Glitter T-shirt from Nashville

5. Italian 1970’s wrap sunglasses a la Robert Evans

6. “Mod” Big White belt, Worthwear

Send us photos of your “so bad it’s good” clothes or accessories along with any reasoning behind the purchase, story or aftermath to We will follow-up with our favorites.


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