Don’t Rule Out Leggings

June 20, 2006 • Magazine

Tue, 2006-06-20 15:00

I had a bit of a fashion quandary last Friday night. I purchased a white silk dress on my last trip to NYC and really wanted to wear it, but I needed something underneath. White silk is not forgiving. Ever since Oprah said it was okay to show a little thigh a hundred years ago, I had tossed my slips. Now I had a problem. I went to my favorite store, Target and was surprised to find that they don’t carry slips. What they do sell are artillery Spanx-like girdles that look like shorts and give you what I call, “linebacker butt.â€? I work hard on mine and I didn’t want to squish it. I also hate the confinement of girdles and control tops.

I wanted to kick myself for buying a dress that was going to require spending more money in order to wear it. Then I remembered the Capri black leggings I had purchased at…again Target, for $5.99. It worked like a charm (if I do say so myself)!

I am a firm believer that if you wore something the first time around, you may want to seriously consider avoiding the trend the second, third, fourth… However, I have changed my mind about leggings. I love the look with dresses and a killer sandal or even a ballet flat. Bonus, they are all over the runway for Fall ’06.

Mind you, I contend if you are over 25 you should only don leggings a solid dark color like black or brown. Don’t make a statement with your leggings. They are easy to find at stores like H & M, Urban Outfitters and almost any department store. I contend the best ones are from Target in the Junior’s section. For $5.99 they are a no-brainer and they maintain their shape all day.

Don't Rule Out Leggings
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