All Dressed Up… Where Can I Go?

July 8, 2006 • Magazine

All Dressed Up… Where Can I Go?

All Dressed Up… Where Can I Go?

Sun, 2006-07-09 02:00

Dear Ms. Bean,

Since I was little I have loved clothes, especially vintage dresses. I own over fifty! Here’s the problem: I’m not a hermit, but I’m not a party girl either, and I can’t find the right place and time for a dress. Should I keep them or sell them on Ebay?


All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Dear ADP,

Not only should you keep your dresses, darling, you must wear them too! Unless you’re referring to gowns that require corsets and cleavage, there are dozens of places for your beloved frocks. How about the grocery store, the dentist, or the Green City Market? If you genuinely adore and feel comfortable in your sundresses and shifts, then go everywhere in them. People may look twice, but only because in a sea of denim and tee shirts, landing eyes on an original ensemble can be utterly refreshing.

Gone are the days when women wouldn’t leave the house without lipstick and heels but the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction for many decades. In the name of comfort and versatility we’ve gotten a little sloppy, including yours truly. Dresses provide an easy way to look put-together. They evoke femininity, comfort, and elegance in a way that the standard blue jeans and tank cannot. A bonus: many now are tailored with pockets!

In Chicago, both Anthropologie (State Street) and Max Studio (Michigan Avenue) have lovely selections of dresses. To update a vintage one, wrap a belt or a beautiful scarf around your waist. Voila! You’re ready to run errands, have a picnic, walk the dog, go to class and, yes, with a little finesse, maybe even ride a bike.

1. Monroe Shirtdress from Anthropologie

2. Heloise Dress from Anthropologie

3. From Max Studio

4. Belted Straight Dress by Twelfth Street by Cynthia from Vincent, from Active Endeavors.

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