Forever 21: Not Just For Teenagers Anymore

July 22, 2006 • Magazine

Forever 21: Not Just For Teenagers Anymore

Forever 21: Not Just For Teenagers Anymore

Sat, 2006-07-22 20:00

Jaqueline Zenn

Forever 21 can be a little overwhelming. The really loud music, the puny polyester “clubbing� clothes, and the gum-snapping staff with a median age of 19 are vaguely irritating at best and obnoxious as all hell at worst. But honestly, it can be worth it to take a deep breath, maybe get some earplugs, and plunge right in.

First of all, the sizing has gotten significantly better. Instead of tiny, extra-tiny and miniature, it’s now comparable to most mid-range lines. Some of the merchandise is still a little bare, but there are some cute wrap dresses, dolman sleeved tops, and casual skirts that are perfectly appropriate for stylish women of all ages. And everyone can shop for the insanely inexpensive accessories.

This is the perfect place to get knockoffs of trendy designer looks. Like the big-buckled belts that Fendi did this spring? You can get one (admittedly, it is plastic) for $11.80. Even if you only wear it once, the price is right. Maybe you prefer the YSL square buckle? Those are only $5.80 and come in a variety of colors. Sunglasses are another good thing to get here – since they’re only a couple dollars, you won’t worry about losing or breaking them. Additionaly, there are some cute striped headbands and polka-dot scarves for under $4.

There are tons of great-looking summer dresses for under $30. My favorites include jersey kimonos, breezy cotton shirtdresses, and casual printed halters and babydoll styles. These dresses probably won’t last beyond the season, but they’re so cheap you really can’t lose. Plus, you’ll have more money to spend on shoes, bags, and jewelry!

If you’re not a dress person, Forever 21 offers scads of trendy little tops. From simple cowl-neck tees to chiffon blouses, there is something for everyone, and every style. Best of all, the tops are all around $20. You can even get a casual cotton blazer with puffed sleeves for $22. The same thing goes for flirty skirts and shorts – if you want to jump on the Bermuda bandwagon, you can do so for around $25. Or get this trumpet skirt for $27.80, pair it with a bright tee, and call it a (bargain) day.

Forever 21 is a fantastic way to try out trends risk-free – nothing is more than $50. By pairing cheap and chic pieces with higher-quality basics, you can look stylish and up-to-the-minute without spending a fortune. They also get new items in constantly, so you can satisfy your budget fashion fix often. The only bad thing is their return policy, or lack of one – exchanges within 14 days only. However, with those prices, does it really matter?

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