Is the Rocker Look Right For Me?

July 22, 2006 • Magazine

Is the Rocker Look Right For Me?

Is the Rocker Look Right For Me?

Sat, 2006-07-22 21:00

Dear Ms. Bean:

I really like the pirate/goth/rocker inspired clothing that’s popular right now. What elements can I incorporate so that I don’t look like a fashion victim or just plain scary?

Thank you,

Skull Fearing

Dear SF,

Great question. This is one trend you don’t want to go overboard with. (Pun intended.) Ok, cinematic references aside, unless skulls and black-and-white stripes are part of your wardrobe already (which based on your question is doubtful), I’d advise you to keep your swashbuckling and biker attire on the subtle side.

Start with a few accessories, like a bracelet or a belt with grommets to incorporate the theme. Koros (Lake Street) just got some amazing jewelry from King Baby. Choose from dog tags, bracelets, cufflinks, or a gothic cross. Just don’t do them all at once.

Next, underneath the all the edge, the pirate look is really all about romance. No, you don’t need your lace-up corset, but try some über feminine shirts in materials like silk or gauzy cotton. Besides being comfortable, flimsy white shirts are a perfect contrast (and balance) to your fierce little skull ring or pendant.

As for the stripes, it’s the graphic effect you’re really after, so if large ones are too much, do them in a softer color. Smaller stripes also work here. And until the weather gets much colder, I would stay away from black leather, except in belt form. I would also eschew heavy rocker boots, no matter how fitting they look on a mid-summer, grocery-shopping Heidi Klum.

Have fun with this look! Just don’t gold plate your teeth or get any tattoos you’ll regret. But you wouldn’t do something like that, would you?

LaROK Patchwork Dress from

C&C California Shawshank Wrangler Tee from

King Baby Cable Skull Bracelet from Koros

Jocasi New Spike Belt from

2 B Free Fleur Love Sweatpants from

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