Fashionable Running? Tune Your Run with Nike + iPod

July 29, 2006 • Magazine

Fashionable Running? Tune Your Run with Nike + iPod

Fashionable Running? Tune Your Run with Nike + iPod

Sun, 2006-07-30 02:00

Lauren Dimet

Can you believe over 30 million Americans chose to run? Half of which must be down by Chicago’s lakefront every summer. Therefore, a partnership between Nike and Apple was bound to happen. This joint venture includes electronics, clothing, and online services for people who like to listen to music while working out. Nike + iPod is a revolutionary new system that allows runners to compare their own statistics to their records or the records of their friends.

What do you need to get started? First, the Nike+iPod Sport Kit. This $29 accessory has two componenets and connects your shoe to your iPod. Second, your iPod must be a nano ($149-249). Why? Unlike the other iPods, the nano is flash-based and therefore does not have parts that can shift while working out. You place the small sensor from the kit into the insole of your left Nike+ running shoe ($80-100) where there is a cutout just for the sensor. Next step, you connect the receiver from the kit to the iPod nano that tracks your statistics while you run. Every time your left foot hits the pavement, the transmitter sends messages to your iPod. Your workout progress and statistics such as pace, total time, calories burned, and total distance are updated on-screen and audio cues through your headphones. After your run, you may sync your iPod nano to your desktop and upload to Nike to track your progress and goals over time and compare with friends. You can even challenge people you have never met, but are part of the same community.

Make your own play list, or through iTunes, download music and podcasts particularly selected for your run. You can follow the progress of a marathon trainer in San Francisco or pick an athletes play list. If you are feeling sluggish and need a boost, you may also designate a ‘Power Song’ to get you pumped up.

What does this all have to do with fashion? We are getting to that part. Nike has launched a line of special apparel (including jackets, tops, shorts and armbands) with an iPod nano pouch and headphone cord management ($50-$140). This means you won’t get all twisted in the headphone cords which is the bane of any athlete. The clothes are not only stylish, but have gender specific body mapping to whisk moisture away, are breathable and reflective. Waterproof pockets accommodate your iPod nano and are designed to make it easy to operate while staying tuned to your music during your workout.

Nike + iPod products are available at:

Niketown (
Apple retail
Nordstrom Northridge
Fleet Feet
The Finish Line
Nike Stores
Running Specialty Stores

For more information visit

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