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August 2, 2006 • Shopping

Had I actually seen this dress, I might have been impressed. Heck, for $30 I would have bought it! I admit it, I went to Target Monday (who am I kidding? I love Target). However, it wasn’t to see the Paul & Joe Collection. First of all it was July 31 (not supposed to be out until August 1). Secondly, I went to return a baby gate that did nothing to deter my dog from scratching my door as he just jumped over it. So, I had totally forgotten about the collection I reported on mere days ago.

Thankfully I needed toothpaste or I would not have walked into the store. You couldn’t miss the Paul & Joe Collection! By 2pm the store I was in had been ransacked. I don’t know what I was expecting, but if I were a designer lable I would not
want my name associated with clothes that are so badly made. I mean they are French for Pete’s sake!

This poncho jacket was inadequately executed and screamed "cheap." The lining was a light mint green color that really turned me cold.

This black top had small rhinestone bows attached to the shoulder straps that gave me an allergic reaction. I mean rule #1 with cheap clothing is to avoid shinny embellishments! Nothing jumped out at me.

Oh well, hopefully the next line will be better.

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