It’s Official, We Have Launched Our Own BLOG!

August 3, 2006 • Magazine

Fri, 2006-08-04 19:00

Hey fantastic fashion babes, it’s Lauren, the Editor-in Chief of Second City Style. It’s true, I have finally taken the plunge. I just knew I wouldn’t get out of a Blogger’s Brunch unscathed.

What makes this blog different than Second City Style, the ezine? One, it will be in my own voice. Two, we will move some of the Daily Dish posts over so you can access them more than just the day they post to the magazine. Three, I will be adding content (hopefully) daily. Four, I will blog not just about fashion, but beauty products, celebrities, television, gadgets and whatever else I think a fashionista should know.

There are two ways to access the blog:
1. Click on the ‘SCS Blog’link at the top of the site. It’s next to the all important ‘Sales’ link!
2. Go to

See you on the other side!


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It's Official, We Have Launched Our Own BLOG!
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