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August 3, 2006 • Lifestyle

Quelle Surprise! It was already blown known that Keith was going to say ‘Auf Wiedersehen.’ The only thing that was uncertain was why…until last night. I’m seeing people comment on other blogs "he was the most talented" "I can’t believe they kicked him off." Quit your whining. HE BROKE THE RULES! If possessing style books, leaving the premises and scanning the Internet are against the rules that apply to everybody…then don’t break them! In his exit interview Keith said he didn’t see it coming. Oh really? It’s a competition and you set yourself up to be burned. I hope by now he has had time to process that he wasn’t a ‘scapegoat’ and that sometimes you just have to take responsibility for your decisions and actions. Especially when one is an adult.

I pray Keith took something away from this debacle because he is talented. His sense of entitlement cost him dearly. "I break the rules a lot of the time." Clearly.

Some of my favorite quotes from last night:

Bradly – "I’m a squid without an ocean."
Laura to Michael about Andrea – "We can’t stop her from hanging herself."
Laura – "Angela was a great team leader."

The Winner – Tim Gunn to Allison and Jeffrey the day after Keith was aufed – "You are going to have to carry on and frankly, make it work."

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