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August 7, 2006 • Fashion


On the Street ……..Chicago Style

Today’s entry in ‘The Satorialist’ blog is on the lack of Chicago fashion on the mean streets of the city with big shoulders (coming from someone who originally hails from it seems the Midwest, but now is a cottage industry fashion critic in NYC and has to talk about himself in the third person a la Seinfeld. "Jimmy likes you.").

"Overall though it was a bit disappointing. I grew up going to chicago
for my first real taste of chic so I wanted to capture some of that but
I guess you can’t go home again." Thank God, huh? Apparently, not…because everyone in Chicago knows that taking pictures on Michigan Ave. (like the one above) on a Friday in the summer is going to produce tragic results. Mostly because it’s 90% Midwest tourists.

However, some of the comments I agreed with. For instance, yes…most high-end department stores and boutiques in Chi-town leave a lot to be desired on the "may I help you" front. In fact, it’s a good day if your mere existance is even aknowledged. "I was especially disappointed in the service or lack thereof in most of
the stores, Barneys women’s designer floor being the worse (Satrolialist grammer, not mine). I must have
walked that floor for 5 or 6 minutes and not a single "hello" or "Can I
help you?". There were about 6 salespeople on the floor and they all
saw me but I guess I didn’t rate any service." Yes, I can totally relate, sadly.

"Blake was a bright spot- Shopping Note To New Yorkers – if you are a
size 2 or 4 or 6 and you can’t find anything good on sale at Barneys or
Bergdorf or If Boutique then call Blake I have never seen so much Dries
on sale in so many small sizes! It is like the exact opposite of New
York -I bet it has to do with an older customer base that needs larger
sizes." Hmmm. Now maybe it has more to do with the store itself than the implication that everyone in Chicago is fat. Going into Blake is A) difficult because they don’t have any signage B) is to endure the worst attitude/service bar none. Why would we go to Blake when we have Jake, Helen Yi, Koros and Hejfina (to name a few) where it is almost impossible to find a size 4.

"Come on Chicago! I know you are better than this! I will be back soon,
in your best season – Winter!, so I hope to have a more inspiring trip
then." Yes, we are trying (just ask the mayor)….but for you, we will hop to it even faster. OK?

– Lauren Dimet

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  1. Cage says:


    I am Karin, very interesting article that contained the information I was searching for in Google, thanks.

  2. 5KAT says:

    OF COURSE if you go to a bunch of generic, uppity department stores in the Gold Coast and on Mich Ave you will not be inspired creatively. Check out some of the interesting and individualistic fashions in Ukie Village and around UIC.

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