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August 22, 2006 • Magazine

Is this really news? In today’s WWD, Beth Wilson pens the article, "Chicago Looks to Boost Fashion Cred." She asks, "can the Windy City improve its fashion reputation and keep design talent from fleeing to the coasts?"

This issue been covered in the media here in Chicago ad nauseam lately. So far it’sa good talk (why we are called ‘The Windy City’). The key to success in this endeavor is ‘working together’ which is something Chicago has not been very deft at before. Another key is affordable and plentiful manufacturing companies. One can only pray that the Chicago Fashion Council finally makes some headway. Thankfully there are visionaries like designer Orlando Espinoza leading the charge.
I would love nothing more than for Chicago to be taken seriously as a fashionable city. We have a long way to go. WWD Article

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