Totally Off-Topic. Duck, Duck, Goose. Why I Am Embarrased For Chicago. Second City Style

August 23, 2006 • Magazine

I know foie gras has nothing to do with fashion except, it is laden with fat which in turn makes your clothes tight (see how my mind works?). More than Marshall Field’s becoming Macy’s more than Chicago’s attempt to become a fashion capital and more than women still wearing chunky black DSW shoes…most embarrassing is the attention Chicago is receiving for being morons and banning foie gras.

Not that I eat it very often because let’s face it, I’d rather spend my money on clothes, but foie  gras was banned in Chicago yesterday. Now I want it! Apparently, so does everybody here. Saying the City Council stuck its beak where it didn’t belong, the Illinois Restaurant Association sued the city Tuesday in hope of making foie
gras legal again.

Meanwhile, a handful of chefs said they
will continue to serve foie gras – it just
won’t appear on the bill. Yesterday it was still being served on pizza, atop hotdogs (double whammy of death), and in fine restaurants. Even the mayor thinks the ban is moronic. Citing that the ban has made Chicago an international laughing stock in restaurant circles, Mayor Daley went on to say, "all of a sudden you can question anything served in a restaurant. You could go on and on, the poor snails, lobsters, shrimps and chickens?"


Come visit Chicago! We now have $20 sides of potatoes (with free foie gras).

– Lauren Dimet

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