Ask The Bean: What’s a pixie to do?

August 26, 2006 • Magazine

Ask The Bean: What's a pixie to do?

Ask The Bean: What's a pixie to do?

Sat, 2006-08-26 19:00

Dear Bean:

I am petite so some of fall’s trends (wide leg trousers and ruffles, for example) make me look even tinier. Which looks won’t accentuate my small stature?



Dear P.,

It seems odd that being “too tinyâ€? is a hindrance in the fashion world, but for some, it really is. You don’t want to look like a child in grown-up’s clothing!

You’re right about some trends being too much for you. You’ll swim in wide leg pants, so they are a definite no-no. However, you could probably pull off the look if you paired them with those towering chunky heels that are going to be everywhere this fall. Likewise, ruffles may overwhelm, and you don’t want to resemble Liberace! But you can always do smaller ones. Another trend, the large belt, also may be too much for your frame, but it’s not totally off limits. Just stay away from anything over 4.5 inches wide and make sure your outfit is bold enough for it.

But let’s not focus on what you can’t wear. Here’s a list of several trends that are perfect for smaller frames:

1. The Mod Look (jumpers and bold graphics)
2. Fitted trench coats
3. Skinny jeans in white
4. Leggings
5. Heavy plaids
6. Sweater dresses

If you come across something you love but it’s not the right size, get it and have your tailor work out the proportions for your body. A good tailor is a must! Ill-fitting clothes have a special way of highlighting whatever it is you don’t want people to notice. Have you seen paparazzi shots of Nicole Richie? The poor thing looks like a bug in a Glad bag. But I don’t want you to play it safe (and boring) because you don’t want to try new trends. For inspiration, look at five-foot-three Audrey Tautou. She’s French, simple, and unafraid to take a thoughtful fashion risk despite her petite-ness.

Happy Shopping!

LARGE BELTED Maria Bonita Dress from

THE MOD LOOK Rachel Pally Turtleneck Sheath Dress from

FITTED TRENCH Sanctuary Oliver Twist Short Coat in English Saddle from revolve

HEAVY PLAID Nanette Lapore “Head Mistress� Skirt from

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