Gwen Stefani’s Accessories Line Gets Bigger

August 27, 2006 • Magazine

Mon, 2006-08-28 22:00

Gwen Stefani continues to develop her L.A.M.B. line of bags and accessories, much to the delight of fans & fashionistas the world over.

by Lesley Scott of Fashiontribes and Suite 101

Come the holidays, lovers of singer Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. – an acronym for her four fave words: love, angel, music & baby – line of handbags & accessories will have even more reasons to rejoice. 33 new L.A.M.B. bag styles will be available on December 1, just in time to round out many of the season’s shopping lists.

The two-year old line is comprised of the two collections: Signature & Love.

SIGNATURE features canvas printed with a diamond and old English “L” design, as well as pictures of a crown-wearing lamb, in either a rich brown or the colorful “ombré Rasta,” in which green, yellow and red fade into one another.

– Bags from the LOVE collection are fashioned from oiled leather, and available in black, white and off-white – and adorned with beefy brass padlocks with leather tassels.

“I designed the bags for myself,” Stefani wrote in an e-mail to WWD, explaining that her goal was to offer a sufficient range of size and style options so no fashion need would go unmet. “I wanted to create everyday bags that were wearable, classic and timeless.” And priced at a non-stratospheric $400-$700 – similar to fashion-insider labels Kooba & Botkier – they’re priced to move. “Entering a market right now and having a great bag that retails for under $500 is a good thing,” agrees’s head buyer, Erin Crandall, adding that, “the L.A.M.B. customer is extremely loyal.”

The newly created accessories company, Schifter + Partners, is helping produce this L.A.M.B line, and chairman and CEO Tim Schifter – who previously worked with Stefani on three L.A.M.B. for LeSportsac collections which reportedly raked in over $33 million annually – noted that these L.A.M.B. bags should bridge the gap between widely available mass market bags and pricey designer bags. “Women today are dressing younger and more contemporary as they get older,” explains Schifter. “There’s opportunity for enormous growth in the contemporary market because the consumer base has grown.”

From: Suite 101

Gwen Stefani's Accessories Line Gets Bigger
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