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August 29, 2006 • Fashion


By Elizabeth Lynch, Second City Style

With nods to grunge, boyish charm, Mod, and punk rock, Fall 2006 brings us clothing and silhouettes with a somber yet undeniable sophistication.
Fabrics such as black lace and thick knits hint at luxury. Plaids are
unisex and not too sweet. Layers are thoughtful – not sloppy and
indiscriminate. And colors, while dark and inky, get an energizing
boost from animal prints, shots of orange and red, and bold gold

Strongly contrasting proportions have also come on the scene.
Chunky heels anchor narrow pants, which, in turn, temper tops with
extreme architectural volume. Similarly, oversize menswear style
trousers artfully pair with a tiny vest or small jacket. The bubble
sleeve is shyly making its debut.

Based on these fashion trends, here are Fall’s Must-Haves:

1. Bubble-shaped coat (wear over slim pants) Lauren Moffat Coat (arrives in November) from shopbop.com

2. Oversize trousers (pair with a small vest or tight-fitting shirt) Robert Rodriguez Herringbone Boyfriend Pant from eluxury.com

3. Jumper or Sweater Dress (pair with tights) Parameter Jumper from girlshop.com

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