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September 4, 2006 • Beauty

Beauty Soundbites [ Lips ]

By Elke Von Freudenberg,  Celebrity Makeup Artist in LA & NY The Beauty Newsletter


Ever wonder what
tricks of the trade makeup artists use to get just the right look?
Well, if they’re like me, they constantly mix and create their own
version of the just right product.  Here are some of my favorite tricks
for lips:


+Have a too blue based lipstick?
a dot of pale yellow concealer into your lipstick, or apply a yellow
based loose powder or eye shadow on clean lips, and apply lipstick on
top. There will be just enough warmth in the product to take the edge
off a too blue shade.

+Want to update your nude lipsticks to a cool blue based tone?
a navy blue eye pencil, or eye shadow on lips and apply your Lipstick
on top ….just a little will do and you’ll have a new shade.

+To lighten:
a Concealer Pencil or concealer cream on your lips first, fill in, and
then apply an old, dark lipstick. The concealer color lightens up the
lipstick by about 3-4 shades….

Make Up For Ever Concealer Pencil Ivory/Beige 100

multi-purpose pencils hide spots and blotches, minimize lines and
wrinkles, and reshape the contour of lips. Concealer Pencils blend like
a cream but correct with the precision of a pencil. Each crayon has two
different colored tips for more color combination possibilities.Dany’s
Tip: "These pencils are useful on many occasions. Apply the lighter
shade inside the eye when you look tired to hide signs of fatigue."

+Darken a too light shade:
A soft warm brown eye shadow or eye brow applied on lips first will darken any too light shade.

+Make your own deep burgundy lipstick
color by mixing blue eye shadow and red blush on your lips. Apply a lip
balm on top and you’re set. The most fun part is that every time you
try this, you can experiment and get a different version every time.

+Use your shimmer highlighter stick
or shimmer pressed powder from to highlight lipsticks. Apply on a clean
mouth first, and then your lipstick on top. An instant frosted shade.

+The color of the moment is the ‘plum’ lip
look. Just take your rosy, burgundy or plum blush and apply dry on
lips. Apply your Vitamin E stick, or lip gloss on top with a lip blush.
Gel cheek colors work great for this too.

Stila All Over Shimmer Powder #6

quick dusting of shimmering powder or an iridescent eye shadow over the
high points of the face, (cheekbones, chin, top of nose, eyelids,
across forehead..) a quick day to night look.

+A model told me this trick….she runs a Gold Shimmer stick through her blonde hair for instant shimmer and highlights, especially around the face.

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