Which Is It Mayor Daley? Fashion or Comfy Shoes? Second City Style Fashion Blog

September 8, 2006 • Magazine

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Well which is it Mayor Daley? Are you in or are you out?  Chicago’s Mayor Daley sticks his foot/shoe in his mouth contradicts himself. Really you say? Out of one side of his mouth he supports Chicago Fashion Focus (the city’s fashion week) and out of the other he is telling the women of Chicago to wear ugly shoes.

Yesterday afternoon (Thursday September 7, 2006), the city held mass evacuation drill just west of the Loop yielded a quick lesson: High heels and even slip-on shoes are impractical for descending 47 flights of stairs. Mayor Daley stated, "To ladies and your high heels – you must wear the proper shoes." Translation: ugly, flat, clunky, sneakers, loafers and other orthopedics. Just the kind of shoe that makes us bristle.


Um, we think NOT! Comfy shoes may be the key to a mass evacuation, but not to style and fashion.

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