Ask the Bean: How Can I Hide My Horrible Haircut?!

September 9, 2006 • Magazine

Ask the Bean: How Can I Hide My Horrible Haircut?!

Ask the Bean: How Can I Hide My Horrible Haircut?!

Sat, 2006-09-09 16:00

Dear Ms. Bean,

I just got the most awful haircut on the planet. It’s so bad, in fact, that I am willing to wear ridiculous clothing to detract from it. Any suggestions?


Hairy Scary

Dear HS:

Bad haircuts are so annoying. But consider yourself lucky. Now you can don that fantastic and overlooked accessory – the hat. Really, how often do you wear one? No, I’m not talking about borrowing your brother’s baseball cap to run to the store on a bad hair day. I’m talking about sporting a well-constructed cap in a gorgeous fabric that can stand up to both Chicago winters and curious glances from that competitive co-worker. (You know the one.) Bad haircut or not, your closet should have one. The following suggestions are geared towards the upcoming chilly season. And I hope your tresses have grown out by spring!

First, I love the Fedora, aka the trilby. It’s a structured hat that is often made of felt and creased lengthwise down the crown. It has a somewhat masculine appeal but happens to look amazing on women. Just ask Kate Moss or Cameron Diaz. It’s great for evening too. For winter, try one in wool in a traditional plaid.

Next is my favorite hatmaker: Kangol, a company started by a man who began importing French berets to England in the 1930’s. With its trademark kangaroo logo, the company’s headware is often associated with the hip-hop community, but it’s been seen all over the world and on the likes of Jude Law and Stella McCartney, to name a few. These lids are seriously comfortable and available in various sizes and fabric weights. The classic 504 is a versatile all around style.

As for individual designers, the Parsons-trained designer Eugenia Kim has an array of hats, ranging from plaid trilbys to beautifully-crafted straw sunhats. Her creations are available on and They’re expensive but worth it.

For a seriously couture chapeau, look to Chicago’s very own Eia Millinery Design. They’re elegant and quirky at the same time.

Lastly, I would stay away from cowboy hats, unless you’re in Cabo San Lucas. In this case, have another margarita and you won’t care what your hair looks like.

Happy Shopping!

Helen Welsh pink houndstooth plaid wool fedora from

Kangol from

Marissa I mink silk satin engineer cap from

Hat Attack wool mod style hat from

Eia Millinery Design hats from

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