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September 10, 2006 • New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer '07

#1 Laurie Browne who was inspired by the exaggerated proportions of Egon Schiele & Balenciaga, collaborated with textile designer Young Jun Ryu from Korea. Summary: bubble shapes & a muted color palette of browns, brown prints, dark chocolate, and black. Standouts include a black lantern sleeve jacket with a bubble silhouette, and a luxurious brown shantung babydoll top with vertical folds upon folds of fabric. 

# 2 Masamichi Matsushita & textile designers Susan Fort showed a collection of future’y camo prints in organic wool for men in exuberant leaf & dark greens, and sky blues. The peacoats were a particular standout.

#3 Li-Jen “Alan” Lee of Taiwan chanelled Frank Gehry with layers of Missoni’esque tights, and muted hues of blues & inky indigo.  A modified apron/bubble silhouette was fab & fresh, and the sleeveless vest version in particular.

#4 Girlscout-inspired club stripes in green & navy, as well as herringbone lent a fun preppy vibe at knitwear designer Quyen Nguyen. Vests elongated to dress length with a deep V would be fun to rock.

#5 Growing up as a self-described military “brat” gave Stephanie Sauceda a distinctive military edge darkly hued slouchy chic cargo pants, blazers, and a stunning oversized black morning coat.

#6 Olive, bone, pale grey and dark grey leggings with jaunty rompers & a chic ragamuffin vibe were part of Christine Welcher & textile designer Lydia Timken & their dedication to using organic cotton.

#7 Layers, layers & layers in black & brown with lace overlay came about from a passion for ancient civilizations and dynasties. Avani Pratap Bhansali was influenced by the intricacies of Persian art, she researched archival metal work, pottery & textiles to incoporate into her amazing drapey voluminous sleeves featuring details like oversized basketweave smocking.

#8 Pablo Fernandez of Uruguay showed early 80s, vintage cartoon-inspired knits with brightly hued red & teal vests, bold horizontal stripes, and a fabulously puffy vest with puffy collar.

#9 Japanese designer Mari Matsumoto and Korean textile designer Kyung Min Kim collaborated on an Asian-inspired collection featuring a somber palette of oyster, grey, and black with classic trenches, skirts decorated on one side with tiered “loops” – each progressively larger than the next – and a stunning one-shoulder black embroidered kimono dress.

#10 Commedia del’arte & Victorian circus performers inspired Shanti Rose Markstrom, resulting in a streetsmart show in shades of dark brown, black, dove grey, and hits of tomato red. An oyster-hued babydoll featuring tons of swingy volume from the rear, an eyecatching bolero vest with stiff ruffled neck, and a stunning chocolate colored vest with layers of channel stitching which flared out into a gorgeous cascade of box-pleat ruffles.

– Lesley Scott

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