Ask the Bean: What’s a Sporty Mom to Do?

September 18, 2006 • Magazine

Ask the Bean: What's a Sporty Mom to Do?

Ask the Bean: What's a Sporty Mom to Do?

Mon, 2006-09-18 23:00

Dear Bean,

I am trying loose some baby weight (luckily I’m athletic), and I go to the gym a lot. However, I do mom duty too and don’t have time to change outfits. Please help me find some stylish exercise clothes that I can wear all day.



Mama Mia!

Don’t you know that by definition, all moms are super? It’s true. It’s also true that you can dress just as fashionably as your bundle of joy. I’m sure he has an adorable outfit on right this minute, so why shouldn’t you? Here are my picks.

For inspiration, let’s look at my favorite urban mom who makes it work: supermodel Christy Turlington. This forty something mom of two small children often flits about NYC in her very own line of yoga-inspired wear, Nuala. An acronym for Natural, Universal, Altruistic, Limitless, and Authentic, Nuala is relatively pricey but utterly unique. It’s comfy (of course) and, in terms of color and tailoring, tends to look a little more polished and artsy than your typical “work-outâ€? gear. Trust me, everyone at Mommy and Me class will ask you where your amazing top/pants/shoes came from. P.S. You don’t have to tell if you don’t want to!

Online, Nuala is available at (Take note: they tend to sell out quickly on that site), but another store called Vickery (in Boulder, Colorado) happens to carry a lot of it. Go to and peruse the goods. In Chicago, Nuala shoes are available at O + I (on Halsted) and in Highland Park at Enaz.

During a more price conscious moment, you can visit Lululemon (online at or in Chicago on Halsted). Unlike Nuala, their fabrics are not “all natural,â€? but instead are made to handle sweat and movement without irritation. I like the Arabesque Crop. It is tailored with gussets (which means it’s your butt crack won’t show) and four-way stretch. These crops are also chafe free, quick dry, lightweight, and can be worn five ways.

Next, there’s Athleta – a company that only makes women’s athletic wear. Their eponymous line is super-cute and the materials are amazing. (Some all natural, some not.) The site also carries clothes by Prana. Online, you can shop “by sport,â€? but, personally, I love placing phone orders with them. It is likely that your customer service rep just got in from surfing/golfing/climbing while wearing Athleta and will answer even the silliest questions about the clothes based on their experience. I’m willing to bet some of them are moms too!

Happy Shopping, Mamacita.

1. Ally Hoodie by Prana from

2. Seamless Tank from

3. Arabesque Crop from

4. Exaggerated U-Neck Lace Top from Nuala at

5. Kandy Suede Shoes from Nuala at

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