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September 22, 2006 • Magazine


Um, who is Jared Leto? Whoever he is, he thinks that "blogging should die a sudden death." According to g4tv.com, the musician/actor said. "I think it’s just ridiculous. It’s like a playground for 4-year olds. People say and do things in the world of blogs that they would never do in real life, and I think it’s a false experience." Have you been to Match.com latley?

Oh wait, he wears black nailpolish, eyeliner, reportedly likes group sex parties and dated Lindsay Lohan for a nanosecond? Um, yeah. Why do actors speak? Seriously…as a blogger I can say at least I am college educated.

What really got my panties in a ruffle is that he continues to speak (and say), "The blog is yesterday’s parachute pants. It’s here now but it’s gone tomorrow." Ew. Parachute pants? I guarentee, however, they will come back into fashion long before his career. (OK, he does have amazing eyes…)

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2 Responses to Celebrity Speak. Jared Leto Thinks Blogs Suck. Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. John Green says:

    I’m not sure why Jared decided to express these opinions in such an immature way, but he definitely has a point. I think that a lot of blogs these days are just putting out really crappy information and trying to exploit celebrities and their mis-steps all to become popular and really just make themselves feel better

  2. Iop...>>>>>>FoReVeR!!! says:

    I love this man!!! y very hot…and sweet!
    An your songs are very well…I LOVE JARED LETO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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