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September 22, 2006 • Magazine

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Bag Snob put this weekly round-up together (thank you) so we will lead with their entry for the week…

What is more appropriate than having a spring fashion week review of handbags by the Bag Snob, I ask you? Hint: they are seeing metallic for Spring, which makes them happy because honestly, who doesn’t love shiny things? Bag Snob

Lesley at Fashiontribes, posted bloggers’ reviews of every NY spring show. I already posted these, but some more have been added.

Girl A Whirl announced that Kate Moss, the most stylish chick in the world, is doing a line of clothes for TopShop?  Where do we sign up?

Like’em or not, Style Bites tells us that celebs are here to stay at fashion week. 

Asthetics+Economics attends the most laid back show of fashion week – Vena Cava.



Have you seen the Gap commercial with Audrey Hepburn?  Fashion Addict Diary read my mind.  It’s so awful, I want to cry.

Is winter coming already? I’m not ready for cold weather, I was born
on a tropical island, I’m never ready for cold weather. For those not
in denial, Fab Sugar has some cool winter boots.


Elke the Beauty newsletter found the answer to the lash-challenged.

eBeauty Daily
featured a pink Tourmaline hair dryer – a portion of the proceeds goes
toward breast cancer research. Good for my hair and for a good cause
and pink? I am getting myself one of these. This is almost as good as
if Ben & Jerry’s ice cream made you skinny.


The Jewelry Weblog shows
Michael Bruder jewelry designs for men, with men in mind. Do we really
want men to be buying jewelry for themselves? Lucky for me, my husband
won’t wear anything flashy so you can try to corrupt him all you want
(hey, more for me right?).

Ohhh, Beauty Addict has the best bath product – cake and bath all at once?  Makes you clean and smell yummy!

Groovy Trashionista picks her faves from blogosphere.

Fashion maven Papierdoll shows us how to score major swag at Fashion Week.  And we’re not gonna lie, we’re in it for the swag.  Hook us up!

The submission from me… Second City Style may never cross the Atlantic again after the garish showing of PUGH this week.


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