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September 29, 2006 • Magazine

Around the Blogosphere 9/25-9/29   

Don’t miss these great weekend reads!

Sugar cookies, Bawls, and hottie-hot UPS men all made their debuts at Fashion Week as Aesthetics + Economics tells us. Aesthetics

Looking forward to the weekend and kicking off those heels?  The Trashionista reports on spring’s most laid back footwear trend.

The Beauty Addict, has two mentions this week as she brings us
both a fantastic overview of her experience during the Fashion Week "circus" and info on the latest FAA regulations and what it will mean for your handbag.

Over at Fashion Tribes, a podcast on couture clothing details caught my eye.

My pick from the Bag Snob has to be 3.1 Phillip Lim’s doctors bag.  Love it!  Sign me up!

Great advice for designers wishing to sell their work on consignment at the Fashion Incubator.

Stylebites offers tips for styling and dressing your pooch so he/she and you don’t look insane.

Or go to London with the ever lovely Style Bubble as she wrapped up her week there.

Ask Fashion Kitty
tells us how a computer can crunch numbers and come out with which
celeb you look the most like. Apparently I look like Lindsay, Juliette
and Paris…among others!


Clothes-Pin showcases Hayden-Harnett’s fall line, filled with rich colors and neoclassic shapes inspired by Hitchcock heroines.

 The Jewelry Weblog finds size matters (in jewelry that is)

Jewelry and Beading tells us to get hammered. TGIF!

Girlawhirl Want to avoid dragon breath? Have an oral fixation? A girl has got to be prepared for a night out.

See the Top Ten Summer 2016 Trends for Women Over 40

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