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October 3, 2006 • Lifestyle


Down In Fraggle Rock!

From FourFour

"I’m still pissed off about the decision not to cut anyone this week
(must…have…carnage), so I’m not going to talk much about the
judges, who made the lameness possible. I can’t resist, though,
touching on Nina’s classification of Jeffrey’s style as "hard rock
or whatever." I’d figure her to be more clued-in than Kors My Goth, but
I wonder what "hard rock" means exactly in her head. It’s probably
something along the lines of this (picture above)."

Brilliant! How much do I love Rich’s Monday Project Runway recaps? So much that I pee laughing! Check it for yourself. They are better than the actual episodes this season for sure. FourFour Project Runway Recap

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