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October 3, 2006 • Fashion


To wear or not to wear…THAT is the question. One, it’s a chic way to show off fall’s big trend. Tights. Two, you can drag summer out a little longer and still sport your favorite open toes without freezing the little guys off. The downside? Remember trying on your mother’s sandals when you were four? With socks that were bagging down around your ankles? Not a good look. Not so much.

Still considering wearing tights with sandals? Be careful, it’s a tough look to conquer…well.  Stay in the same color family. Black suede sandals/dark grey patterned tights. Metallic gold/brown textured tights. Also make sure the sandal isn’t too dainty. This look is best with a stack heel, suede, platforms, metallics (like gun-metal grey) and any sandal that is a little heavier. The key? Do the unexpected and wear with confidence.

– Lauren Dimet

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