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October 5, 2006 • Fashion


By Rachel Yeomans Second City Style

It’s the first week of your new job. Your outfit’s all picked out.
You strut in to the office standing tall in your leather platform
pumps, donning your new tulip-sleeved broadcloth jacket with matching
skirt. Even your camisole underneath was selected with care.

After settling in, your boss stops by and asks to have a chat with
you in her office. Sauntering in behind her, you assume this is just a
brief pow-wow to tie up loose ends.

She closes the door, sits down, and says, “Now, maybe this wasn’t mentioned to you throughout the interview process. But… we have a policy of classic business attire here.”

This attire, you discover, consists of a navy or black pant/skirt
suit, a button up white collared shirt, pumps and hose. You leave the
office embarrassed but also in dire trepidation. You can barely make two outfits with that dress code! And the pay check transition just won’t allow a whole new work wardrobe. Read More

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