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October 11, 2006 • Lifestyle


I swear Rich is tapped into my mind. I hate reunion shows and this one, in a word, sucked. I feel used. Thankfully, so did other people as confirmed in this PR recap. Better than the actual show fer sure. Most memorable bit? Vincent freaking out on a producer that his laundry was ruined. Confirmed? Vincent is delusional. Keith is a liar. Laura rocks. Michael Kors is orange (but I love him anyway).

The most brilliant comment of the painful hour was:

definitely think Michael Knight’s gonna win, because you pick the gay
white guy first. Then you pick the Asian immigrant second. And, you’re
gonna pick the black guy third.
" Jay McCarroll does get it! (Let’s hope). For more go to FourFour

Oh and yes, I agree that Jay is turning in Truman Capote.

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