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October 19, 2006 • Beauty

Yesterday I said I would never wear black nail polish. So I have decided to put my black nail wear my mouth is and see if I can change my own mind about this trend. While at my local CVS last night, I found myself picking up and subsequently purchasing a $2.39 bottle of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Black Out. No way was I going to try to track down and spend over $18 on Chanel, but this I am willing to try. I mean seriously…black is black and I know where to cut corners. Besides I always use Seche Vite top coat which can set anything.

I am painting my nails now and as I have two ‘business’ meetings today and a charity wine tasting tonight…I am a little afraid how this will be perceived. I am so not a goth girl anymore. Additionally, I am one of those women who wears Essie pale colors like "Ballet Slippers" because I can’t stand noticeable chips on my hands. Red is exasperating. Black no doubt will make me lose my mind.

Stay tuned…as I will be reporting on these talons of death shortly.

– Lauren Dimet

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