Shoe Alert! Piperlime is Moving In On Zappos. Second City Style Fashion Blog

October 19, 2006 • Shopping


Move over Zappos, Gap Inc. has moved in on your turf. Shoe lovers of the world rejoice! Gap Inc. is to stepping into the shoe business with Piperlime.

The San Francisco-based retailer’s fifth brand is a wild departure from
the four brands Gap Inc. has successfully created to date. For one
thing, it is entirely web-based; there will be no Piperlime stores. For
another, it will sell shoes designed, manufactured and branded by other

Piperlime offers immediate size availability information and 360 degree viewing on brands such as: Charles David, Delman, Issac Mizrahi (not for Target), Sesto Meucci, Oscar de la Renta, etc.

Get 10% Off Your First Purchase! Enter the Code TREAT at checkout until 12/31/06. When did Zappos do that? Thanks for the tip Andra!

– Lauren Dimet

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4 Responses to Shoe Alert! Piperlime is Moving In On Zappos. Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. Brian says:

    Piperlime is a bit of a joke. I think Gap should focus on getting their core business back on track before they “go” after Zappos. That is a big hill to climb especially when it is so different than what they know. Just my 2 cents

  2. Lauren says:

    Brian, your two cents are always welcome. I actually agree with you. I posted a while back that Gap was having serious problems (totally missed the fall trends) and I do think they need to fix those other brands. However, as a shoe fiend…I don’t mind this site at all! The more choices we have, the better.

  3. Dale B. says:

    Beware of Piperslime! I ordered one pair of shoes and three times I got the wrong size. Eventually they ran out of stock on the item I ordered and I never got my shoes! Once is an accident, twice a mistake, but three times is a pattern. Their excuse? …”It happens.”

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