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October 20, 2006 • Beauty

OK, this is not what my nails look like, but that is what I feel they look like…scary. First, the polish chipped on my thumb after 6 hours. I know that has more to do with the brand than the color, but it is just so noticeable when your black polish chips. Second, my nails are almost too long (never thought I’d say that). This polish looks best with a shorter nail.

So I wore this tar all day yesterday (I still have it on). I was wearing a white shirt with giant, pleated cuffs and a three-quarter length sleeve tweed jacket. It was an odd combination.  No comments were made until I attended a wine tasting benefit last night. "Are you wearing black nail polish?" Mind you, I live in Chicago so typically the only people you are going to see in black polish are goth or a lead singer in a band. Here is another thing I noticed…Men do NOT like it. One guy said something right away, unsolicited. So I asked his friend what he thought, "lose it."

I do love the darkness of the polish but it needs an undertone of color. So I’m off to buy OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark….almost black with a hint of red. Since it is part of OPI’s Chicago collection, I’m sure it will be widely accepted.

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