Dress Obsessed

October 22, 2006 • Magazine

Dress Obsessed

Dress Obsessed

Sat, 2006-10-21 10:00

Andra Naylor

The phone rings.

“Hey Andra, what are you wearing tonight?�
“This dress I bought.�
Whining: “You are? Why are you getting all dressed up?�

Wearing a dress does not have to mean a time-consuming fashion choice with uncomfortable results. I promise. For me, wearing a dress simplifies the getting ready process. It’s one piece. You just throw it on. There’s little coordination to consider – just step into a pair of heels and grab your coat.

So when is wearing a dress not dressing up?

1. When it’s unique.
Mid-length dress with contrast detail from Marie Marie at shopbop.com.

2. When it can stand on its own.
Navy dress with patterned neckline by Fighting Eel. There’s some serious detail going on here. Available on activeendeavors.com.

3. When it’s a Stella.
Stella McCartney has long practiced effortless chic and her Spring ’07 collection won rave reviews. I heart Stella.

4. When it’s layered.
Channel Marc Jacobs in this breezy dress for only $54 at redoute.com.

5. When it’s perfectly sweet.
Lace sleeveless cocktail dress by Anna Sui at edressme.com.

6. When it’s inspiring.
Young designer Pimdao Sukhahuta is garnering attention for her Sretis (sisters spelled backward) line from Thailand. Recently she told the press, “We don’t believe in locking up clothes only for special occasions. We want girls to experience the regular joy of dressing up.â€?

Well said. Ladies, liberate yourselves.

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