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October 25, 2006 • Accessories


(The evidence as posted on eBay)

We were alerted to a possible stolen bag from the Dior show in Paris that was being auctioned on eBay for 20,000 pounds ($37,444 USD)!  After doing a little sleuthing, we discovered rumors that the culprit may be someone from O2W (ones2watch), (a
website that showcases up and coming models around the world) who has
been bragging to everyone about stealing the bag. It may not be a
coincidence that the seller’s eBay ID is also O2W(over2who) but it could
be a prankster/imposter. Whoever it is, they must have been caught cuz
the auction has ended early without a bidder. The lesson to this story?
If you’re going to steal, don’t brag about it over the internet where
rumors spread faster than a California wildfire and certainly don’t put it up for public auction on eBay.

The Bag Snob

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