Missing the Digits -The Search for the Fingerless Glove

October 26, 2006 • Magazine

Missing the Digits -The Search for the Fingerless Glove

Missing the Digits -The Search for the Fingerless Glove

Thu, 2006-10-26 13:00

Rachel Yeomans

It’s time to finally accept that the seasons are changing, and warmth is leaving our windy city for its annual six- to nine-month holiday. And although I may not leap for joy when I bring my winter coat out of the back of my closet, I admit I am getting a little excited for the plethora of scarves, hats and gloves I can play with throughout the upcoming season.

And for this short time between fall and winter — when it’s too cold to go gloveless but too warm for the mittens — I can bring out my favorite accessory of all, the fingerless gloves (no, I’m not talking about the motorcycle gloves).

I was lucky enough to have received a pair of boho fingerless gloves by Moe Munroe for Christmas last year. Yet upon scouring the glove section of department stores and various boutiques for more, I discovered that they are quite difficult to find. Yes, there are the arm warmers or the convertible mittens. But I’m talking about those amazing open-ended sections of wool or cotton with that teeny hole toward the top for the thumb. Obviously, this is a case of fashion over function, but before we cover up our digits for the frigid months ahead, let’s show off our manicures while we can.

Boho by Moe Munroe is one of the most well-known designers for fingerless gloves—one of the pairs was even featured on Sex & the City. Unfortunately, you can only find her gloves in California or New York at this time. Her website, www.bohobymoemunroe.com, showcases her collections yet you can’t order from the website. Two pieces of contact information are available to contact one of the distributors so you can arrange to purchase them and have them shipped to you. The information is as follows:

Los Angeles, CA
Lolita Takii
213-489-1319 / lolitatakii@sbcglobal.net

New York, NY
Marjorie Dombrowski
917-892-0011 / magsdombrowski@gmail.com

Every once in a while, EBay sellers will feature some Boho items. Otherwise, through my searches, I noticed a couple other fingerless gloved options out there.

Urban Outfitters offers arm warmers and fingerless gloves with a more punky youthful style, while Nordstrom’s features the simple classic look.

So before the snow starts falling and the wind really starts to pick up, now might be the time to take advantage of that one extra item that doesn’t necessarily serve a purpose, but shows that you’re prepping for that cooling transition with fashion sense.

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