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October 30, 2006 • Fashion

Can you imagine not being able to wear white after Labor Day, not
mixing prints or or having to match your handbag to your shoes? Wait,
you still do?

Trend Overlaod

We have all seen her. In fact, the weekly gossip magazines are filled
with her. You know, the fashion-plate walking down the street draped in
all the latest trends who looks like she is trying too hard to be
fashionable? Well, she is.

Instead, mix one or two of the latest trends with a time-tested staple.
Accent a simple black dress with a big cocktail ring and platform
sandals (with opaque tights). Have fun trying out the latest trends,
but keep in mind that too many don’t mix.

Label Slave

Be careful about advertising for free. Don’t spend your hard earned
money to be an unpaid walking billboard. If you are over the age of 35
you might not want to look branded. One visible logo per outfit is
enough for everyday attire.


Contrary to what one might read or see in Hollywood, exposed roots (or
re-growth) are never good. Dark roots emerging from a head of dyed
blond hair or that dreaded tell-tale color line are still in bad taste.
If you can’t make it to the hairdresser every six weeks, try Nice `n’
Easy Permanent Root Touch-Up between visits. It’s foolproof and about

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  1. Lavaflow says:

    So true! I can’t stand it when people are draped head to toe in everything that is trendy at the moment– definitely need to stick to the basics and accentuate with some trendy things.. Good call about exposed roots too– I’m pretty sure the GetHairapy guys wwould totally agree with you!

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