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October 31, 2006 • Accessories


Dear Bean,

My feet are killing me! I love my flats but so many either are so
stiff they give me blisters or resemble a pair of house slippers. I
live in the city and walk a lot downtown, and I want to be comfortable
yet I don’t want to wear sneakers. What would be a good sturdy flat
that would look good with both work attire and jeans?


Dear Flattened,

It is definitely a dilemma when shopping for shoes because comfort is usually the last thing on our minds. However, there are times when we must be realistic and practical with our footwear — our feet deserve a break every now and again, do they not?
And for flats, you’ve picked the perfect time to think of comfort.
Flats are absolutely everywhere, and in so many fun styles it isn’t
hard to find a cute pair, or several. And finding cute flats that are
fashionable and comfortable isn’t that far of a stretch either. Read More

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