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November 8, 2006 • Fashion

Fall has fallen around the Windy City and Shop Cops were out and about
handing out moving violations for crimes of fashion. OK, we didn’t
really hand any out, but unlike Glamour online…we masked their

The 80’s are over.
Yes, legging are back, but with scrunched red socks and hiking boots?
Um, no. Your boyfriend’s sweater does not qualify as a tunic. Also, if
you are chesty (blessed), try a belt for waist definition.


Mom Jeans!
They are still alive and well, unfortunately. With so many options now
available, there is no excuse. Unflattering and uncomfortable, they
need to be burned. Oh, and never buy a jacket just because it matches
your hair color perfectly.

There are plenty more! Go to: Shop Cops

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