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November 10, 2006 • Fashion


Just as video killed the radio star, Hollywood has killed the supermodel. Long disappeared from magazine covers in recent years, models are losing ground on the fashion runways as well.

Remember the days of yore when you knew supermodels by their first names? Cindy, Christy, Linda, and Naomi (she is still making headlines, but not for the right reasons) graced the covers of all of the major magazines and the runways. No longer.
Naiomi_1 Christy_4
Naomi & Christy

Spring 07 Fashion Week generated more interest in the weights of the models than the clothes they were wearing. Emaciated and unmemorable zombies have replaced the curvy model of the 90’s on the runways, signifying designers are losing touch with the women who purchase their clothes. The focus appears to be more on actresses anyway. Get Jennifer Aniston photographed in one of your frocks or Oprah to sing your praises and you no longer need the runway. It’s no longer as relevant.

Now Hollywood has taken the covers and the carpet. Actresses are becoming the new fashion models, designers and dictating fashion. Let’s face it, Lindsay Lohan is infinitely more interesting than a model that doesn’t eat. (Nicole Richie on the other hand is interesting because she doesn’t eat.) Now it appears we look to Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and Paris Hilton for fashion cues. Fashion shows are losing their footing because in comparison they are just…boring. Attention has shifted from NYC to LA and I for one, couldn’t be sadder.

– Lauren Dimet

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