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November 13, 2006 • Magazine

Christmas_in_july_1Christmas in July?

I don’t know about you, but the holidays are stressful enough without having to be confronted with them in October! Why is the season being rushed?

According to an article by Mya Frazier in The November 12 Ad Age, it isn’t a figment of your imagination. Christmas is early this year.
It used to be that the kickoff for the all-important holiday season the day after Thanksgiving. Yet, this year some consumers found themselves rooting through the
Christmas candy to stock up for trick-or-treaters. The first to haul
out the holly this year was home-improvement retailer Lowe’s, which
introduced its holiday campaign a full week before Halloween: Oct. 23.


According to a recent survey by Big Research, 40.4% of consumers
started to shop for the holidays this year before Halloween, up from
40.1% in 2005.

And for that, you can blame Wal-Mart. In 2005, the $312
billion retail giant set the stage by moving the traditional
post-turkey day kickoff for holiday ads up three full weeks to Nov. 1.
It repeated the strategy this year, spurring a host of followers.
Macy’s almost seemed a latecomer by jumping its launch up a week to
Nov. 13 after decades of kicking it off the week of Black Friday, as
the day after Thanksgiving is known.

Why retailers take out the tinsel early isn’t much of a mystery. At
stake is some $457 billion in holiday shopping dollars this year,
expected to be up 5%, according to the National Retail Federation.
Spending per shopper is expected to jump 7% to nearly $800.

All it does is stress me out and gives me yet another reason to shop online! Suddenly Christmas in July seems to be taking on a whole new meaning. Yikes.

– Lauren Dimet

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