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November 14, 2006 • Magazine


(This is an illustration. If you own/wear a sweater like this one, in the name of fashion, please dispose of it…right now.)

It’s about time everyone woke up and smelled the eggnog! Holiday shopping can be joyous as long as you stay home and curl up with a nice…laptop. For years I have been doing my holiday gift shopping online. Who needs crowded malls, packed streets, bad selections and the mayhem?  Apparently only half of us.

This year, holiday shoppers will rely on the web more than ever,
according to a new National Retail Federation survey conducted by

Nearly half (47.1 %) of consumers say
they will make at least one holiday purchase online
, up from 36% three years ago, and most – 88.7%- also say they browse
before going to stores to shop, reports DM News, citing the NRF 2006 Holiday Consumer Intentions and
Actions Survey. Moreover, 28.9% of shoppers said they would do
at least a quarter of their shopping online this year

Shoppers use a variety of websites to begin their online research
and compare products: (23.6%), (7.2%), (5.5%) and eBay (3.7%) are popular
starting points.

Electronics are the most popular searches, with 39.3 percent of
online shoppers saying they have browsed for electronics online before
buying in a store within the previous 90 days, followed by apparel
(20%), appliances (19.6%) and home improvement items

Holiday shoppers are expected to spend, on average, $791.10 each this year.

Source: National Retail Federation

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